Thursday, October 30, 2014

3rd Grade Perspective Pumpkins

During the fall season, I like to tie in our love for pumpkins while reinforcing the idea of perspective!  In the beginning, I share with the students a picture that demonstrates foreground, middle ground, and background.

The main objective is for students to demonstrate their knowledge of perspective using foreground, middle ground, and background within their pumpkin patches.  Adding Halloween elements are optional since not all students celebrate the holiday.

-10.5" x 16" dark blue paper
-5" x 16" dark green paper
12" x 18" orange paper for frame
-thin cut black paper strips
-orange paper for pumpkins
-green paper for leaves
-yellow paper for stars
-brown paper for stems
-black marker for pumpkin lines
-brown or green yarn

On the first day, I start by explaining to students how to start with the background first.  Students add the dark green paper (ripping the edge for a rough, grassy hillside or cutting a wavy line), then add the black strips for fencing.  Students can create whatever style fence they wish.  We end the class by adding stars in the sky and a moon to shine on the pumpkins.

On day 2, students start adding the pumpkins.  I inform the students that we need at least 6 pumpkins in three different sizes to show perspective, small, medium, and large.  Students should place the pumpkins where they would show near or far in their projects.  Once pumpkins are complete, students can add the yarn for vines and leaves to cover the vines and pumpkins.

Day three is to add final touches, drawing the lines on the pumpkins, or adding additional decorations, such as ghosts or pumpkin faces.