Monday, February 3, 2014

An Art Room Library 2: Early Readers and Popular Literary Characters

It's time for part two of my "Art Room Library!"  The added books on my list are books I collected over the years, as well as donations from my recent Donors Choose project!  Thanks to some very awesome contributors, the students have a library in the art room filled with great books for project inspiration and creative thinking!  

This post will focus on early readers and popular book characters.  My students flip when they see Pinkalicious, Sofia the First, and Olivia when flipping through the books!

Due to the overwhelming list of books, I will not be writing a personal review on all of them.  There's simply too many!

For Part 1: Please visit An Art Room Library: Artist-Based Fictional Stories

For Part 3: Please visit An Art Room Library: Books that Inspire Great Art Projects

ABCs of Art Books
Good for Pre-K and Kindergarten!  I started collecting these for my own kids at home!

Good first art books for home or school!  
I LOVE this next book "You Are My Work of Art!"  My daughter loved flipping the flaps in the book to see the real paintings, and it helped to her recognize the famous masters when the paintings came on tv!

A really good one to share how mistakes can turn into beautiful pictures!

Popular Characters from Children's Series

 In art class, Pinkalicious is teased for wearing pink while everyone else wears black.  It takes a new student who loves Purple to show that you don't have to be like everyone else.

 I read this one to my 1st graders on their first day.  Olivia Paints a Mural encourages imagination and thinking on a larger scale.

 And this Olivia book is read to my kindergarteners on their first day with me!  It shows how Olivia has a vivid imagination (and even loves to visit the art museum!)

 Fancy Nancy visits an art museum!  Awesome!

The is a funny series, but the particular book is hard to find.  I found it used online, but keep your eyes open!

It's Sofia, Amber, and James open house, and they display artworks they've made at Royal Prep…except James accidentally messes up Amber's painting.  Find out how the royal children work solve the problem and make beautiful art for the family!

Early Readers: Elements of Art

Elementary: General Art Books

There will be one more post on books made by children and stories that inspire great art projects.  If there are any books that fit the above categories that you think I missed, please share in the comments!


  1. Love so many of these books - great list! Plus, there's a few I'll have to check out - thank you!

    Love to Learn

  2. I love love love this post, pinned it too! We don't have any art classes going on right now so this post is awesoem for me to use at home <3 Appreciate you doing multiple posts, following your blog too <3