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An Art Room Library 3: Books That Inspire Great Art Projects

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So far, I've shown you artist-based books and art books for early readers, but now it's time for books that inspire great art projects.  I would like to start with the books I see the most art created in Pre-K and Kindergarten classes, Eric Carle's creations.  I love walking up and down the hallway viewing all the painted artworks made by students after reading Eric's stories.  I've even created some of my own in art class!

Eric Carle Books

Student-Created Books by Scholastic

The next set of books are student-created, offered by Scholastic.  I was dying to add Van Gogh's Cat to my previous posts, but I wanted to save it for this category.  I love that fact that Scholastic features books that are written and illustrated by elementary students.  When I read these to my classes, kids are fascinated that students their age can create something that you can buy in a book store, plus they become inspired to create their own!

I read September 12th to my younger students during the week of the anniversary of September 11th.  Having been one of the millions of people watching as the planes were crashing on that tragic day, I feel it's an important part of our history that students should know and learn from.  I LOVE that this book explains how the country came together the day after and everyday after to help everyone and rebuild.  I also created the Pinwheels For Peace with my students after reading this book!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!  I need to publicly thank the teacher who worked with her students in creating this book!  Not only did the students re-create famous masterpieces for each page, but they wrote their own sentence describing what was happening in each page! Click the picture to view my previous post about my Van Gogh's Cat 2nd grade project!

The next set of books are ones that I keep in the library, and some I have used for project inspiration.  I keep these in a category I call "visual literacy."

Early Elementary Visual Literacy Books

Late Elementary (3-6th Grade) Visual Literacy Books

This particular book of the Lion and the Mouse contains beautiful watercolor illustrations.

For more books that are not listed in my posts, please visit my Pinterest Board Art & Language Arts, which has tons of pins for art projects inspired by books, or my collection of Books for Art Room Resources, which contains even more books than I have collected!

What books have you collected for your art classes?

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