Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Klee Kastles

This blog was developed after I had been NAEA's "monthly mentor."  After I completed my month of posts, I still had more to say!  I told myself all school year that I would start to share my project ideas that work well with traveling and cart, and now that it's summertime, I have the time to do it!

The first project I would like to introduce is one I use with my second grade students.  I consider this an easy-going project, which means I don't cart around loads of supplies for one project.

The reason I love this project is that I'm not only introducing an artist (Paul Klee), but I'm having students design their own castles using shapes, which goes along with a state fine art standard!

                                                        (Castle and Sun by Paul Klee)

The materials I use:

-Black Paper cut to 10.5" x 16"
-12" x 18" Colored Construction Paper for frame
-Oil Pastels
-Posterboard (spend time cutting shapes out of poster board that you can re-use for years)
-Containers for the shape stencils (depending on your method of dispersement, I use plastic ziploc bags filled with shapes for teaching from a cart, and plastic bowls in my classroom)

Shapes to cut out: Squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, archways..whichever shape you wish!


Have you ever watched Nick Jr?  They used to have a "trip to the museum" with Moose and Zee, where they visited different paintings.  That short is what inspired me to create this particular project.  The sad part is that I can't find the link to the video, so if you find it, please share it!!!

Moose and Zee visited Paul Klee's Castle and Sun and shared with the kids how the painting was made with beautiful shapes and colors.  After watching my daughter stare at the painting on tv, I not only thought about taking her to the art museum, but I wanted to have my own students create their own castles!

I first shared the image of Castle and Sun to the students.  I asked what shapes they saw, and what they thought the painting was about.  It's fun hearing what the students say!

After sharing some information about the painting, I then show the students how to start their picture.  I hand each student a black paper, their shape stencils, and ask them to use white oil pastels to trace their shapes.

I first start by showing how to trace a shape, but also how to use different shapes to build the castle.  After the demonstration, I have the students get to work.  It should take about two class periods to complete stenciling, coloring, and framing.  I choose to use simple 12" x 18" colored paper for a basic frame for an easy finish.

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