Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Puppets!!!!!!

Kindergarten students have the most enthusiastic reactions when they see what project they will make.   The project that gives the most reaction is always the turkey puppets.  At this time in their art journey, I begin pushing the drawing and cutting skills  a little more by creating challenges.

In the beginning of the school year, I start with assemblage and proper use of materials, such as how much glue to use and placement of pieces to create an artwork.  Drawing is then introduced with using simple shapes to create artworks.  Then comes the scissors.

The kindergarten in my district come from many diverse backgrounds.  Some have used scissors and know perfectly well how to use them, and others need that little extra help in handling scissors.  Once I feel they are ready, it's close to Thanksgiving time, which is a grand time to bring on the turkeys!

Here is the list of materials I use:

-Brown paper bags (trimmed down for kindergarten hand sizes)
-Black Marker

(Cut a mass quantity of each for your current amount of students, plus save some for next year so you know which sizes to cut!)

-Dark brown colored paper cut down to 4" x 5" size
-Yellow colored paper cut down to 2" x 2" squares (for beak and feet), then more at 1.5" x 5" size (for feathers)
-Red colored paper cut down to 2" x 3" size (for waddle), then more at 1.5" x 5" size (for feathers)
-White paper cut down to 2" x 3" size
-Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange colored paper cut down to 1.5" x 5" (for feathers)

Start by showing the students which side is the back and front.  Since paper bags have flaps, I call that the backside since the flap can ruffle the tail feathers.  After the students write their names, I show then which shapes to draw on the paper:

Dark Brown Paper:  Draw a big oval first, then cut out.  This part is the body.

White Paper:  fold paper in half, draw circle, then cut the circle out, which makes two since the paper was folded!  This part is the eyes.

Red Paper:  I tell the students to cut out any funny shape they want.  They like that!  This part is the waddle.

Yellow Paper:  I tell the students to just cut a corner off a square, and they get a triangle!  That part is the beak.  Take two more squares, draw a circle on one, then cut out two squares at the same time, making two circles!  This will be the two feet!

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Purple Strips: These are the tail feathers!  Have the students glue one at a time on the back flap, then voila!  You have a turkey puppet!

Use the black marker to draw pupils in the eyes.

This project should take only one class period.  If you have overachievers, show them how to trim the feather to look more feather-pointed.  More details can be added.

                     (I thought this one was cute!  She decorated the turkey in a field of flowers!)

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