Saturday, December 8, 2012

Choosing a Cart and Finding Some Space: December's Article

This month for Arts & Activities Magazine, my article is titled "Choosing a Cart and Finding Some Space."  The article focuses on what works for you in your traveling situation.

When I began pushing a cart from room to room, I quickly discovered which carts worked and which I wanted to push out of the school.  I hated how heavy carts didn't want to work with me as I tried turning corners or squeezing carts into classrooms.

I also wanted to focus on how to find space to store materials.  In most traveling situations, there is no space to store anything.  The key is to communicate your needs to everyone involved without appearing that you're complaining.  Express the need to share the student's creations.

To view the article, please visit the Stepping Stones page on the online Arts & Activities magazine.

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