Friday, April 26, 2013

A School That Appreciates Art (School-Wide Sculptures for Earth Day)

Today I walked into my second school (I travel to two schools in one day) and was stunned to find out that each classroom had worked together to create their own recycled sculptures for Earth Day.  I was amazed with the work the students had created, and I couldn't help taking pictures of all the awesome sculptures!!!

These were projects made by the classrooms.  The teachers organized the collection of materials, the students designed their own sculptures, and the school organized the display of finished pieces in the hallways.  As the art teacher, I was not asked to do anything.  Was I upset about not being asked to help or get involved?  Heck no.  I was proud of my school.  

That's one of the joys about my schools...they don't expect the art teachers to do all the visual work...they understand that cross-curricular goes both ways.  We always do our best to add in all the other common core subjects into the art curriculum for many reasons: to have a voice, to strengthen our subject, to re-enforce what the students learn in other subjects, and more.  To see the tables turn and view the classrooms bringing art into their lessons, not just the crafty work, but beautiful large sculptures, made me want to cry happy tears.  

To top it off, the school created the display for a good cause.  There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and what better way than to create art from recycled materials?

Wouldn't it be nice to see this in all school districts?

Thank you, Lyle Elementary, for your beautiful artwork.  I was so proud of you, I couldn't help but share your artworks!

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