Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3D Snowmen Heads!

In the last week of classes before winter break, I come across many students (in grades 1-4) who need a simple catch-up day to wrap up their work.  The rest of the class is always in need of a "filler" project to keep them interested.  The nice thing about this project is that you can dedicate an entire lesson for younger grade levels, or use it as a filler project for older students!

-Strips of white paper cut 1.5" x 18"
-Black paper 
-Orange paper
-Red Paper
-Green Paper

The purpose of this lesson is to have students understand the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artworks.  Students will create a 3-dimensional sphere using paper, and create 2-dimensional features for the face and top hat.  With the time of year, I chose snowman heads as the subject, which leaves no holiday/seasonal objections with other faiths and cultures.  This lesson is intended for a one day, 40 minute project.

Step 1: Place 4 white strips of paper in a star.  I tell grades 1-2 to make two plus signs, then glue them together.

Step 2: After creating your star, take two opposite ends and connect them together to create an "octopus."  

Step 3: Begin gluing the remaining strips on top of each other until a ball is made.

Step 4: Using the black, orange, green, and red paper, start drawing shapes for the nose, eyes, mouth, and holly.  Cut the shapes out, and glue them down.  Explain to the students to start with the mouth and nose first (this way they have room for the eyes!)

Step 5: String a piece of yarn through the ball to hand the snowman head!

Here are some finished examples!  I created these with my 4th grade class (during a clay catch-up day)

Yay!  We get to take them home!

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