Saturday, February 7, 2015

Art Teacher Fashion! Where to Find the Good Stuff!

I've been inspired to share my wardrobe.  Not just any clothing in my closet, but what I like to wear to the best job ever.  Thanks to the popular styles of Cassie Stephens (author of, many art teachers are creating their own wardrobes to share their creativity and passion for the arts.  I'm amazed with how she can design her own clothing inspired by famous artworks, and I've seen others trying to make their own as well.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to create a dress from scratch.  Every time I attempt to even pick up a paintbrush or a needle, my daughters at home request all my attention.  However, that doesn't stop me from searching out art-inspired clothing online!

Open House and Parent Teacher Conference Fashions

Over the summer, I found this amazing Starry Night style dress from  The name of the dress was "Down to a Fine Art" and if you're interested, you can view the dress here.  An you know what's amazing?  It comes in plus sizes too!  Art dresses for all my friends!  

When I found this design from Nerd Girl Creations on Etsy, I literally screamed this:

Seriously…I did!  Nerd Alert Creations also has this same design for skirts and scarves as well.  They have a 4-5 weeks turnaround since they're made to order, but trust me, it's totally worth the wait! Click here to view the dress and order a size all your own!

PDs, Meetings, and Presentation Fashions

This is a nice dress for days you may need to present or give a good "artsy" appearance at a meeting.  I found this design on Simply Be in the Joe Brown collection.  Doesn't it look like a Monet?  The name of the dress is "Days Gone By" and you can find this dress here on their website.

It may not be artist-inspired, but it's a colorful design found on!  The students always comment on how "colorful" the dress is!  This dress comes and goes within 24 hours, so if you spot it, grab it right away!

Fun at the Book Faire, or any School Event Fashions

Any moment I get a chance to be creative with my wardrobe, I take it!  Our book fair theme this year was Medieval Times, so I asked if I could pep up the students for Ye Booke of Faire by dressing up in my Renfaire costume!  We totally had a blast decorating the hallway to look like a castle entrance!

Dressing up for Halloween?  Yes, please!  I know…I could have gone as a famous artist.  I decided to go as a character many of my students would know, Wyldstyle from the Lego Move!  

I did manage to paint the graffiti designs on the outfit for the event, and the students and I were singing how "everything was awesome!"

Color Day, Casual Friday, and Everyday Teacher Wear Fashions

I would like to thank Torrid for this wonderful Pop Art dress I found last year.  Unfortunately, I could find a link to the actual dress.  It's out of stock.  Maybe Ebay?  When my students enter and exit the room, I catch them saying, "Oh look!  A roller skate!  A skull!  Those words are cool!"

Here's another one from Nerd Alert Creations!  They have quite a few skirts with different art designs that are made to order!  Click here to view this skirt!

Here's another find from the Joe Brown collection on Simply Be.  It's a summer dress, but it's cute and colorful!  I don't see it on the website anymore, but outfits like these always pop up throughout the year!

For our Kindergarten color days, I had the perfect shirt for yellow day!  Mona Lisa!!!  This shirt was found from a company called Yizzam selling on  You can click here for their online store, and yes, they have all sizes!

Even on days you can wear jeans, I still wear my artsy shirts!  Here's another top from Yizzam on Amazon!  They carry tons of shirt with different artworks on them!

Art Teacher Accessories

 Would you like a pair of matching socks to go with that Van Gogh shirt?  Yes, please!  These can be found from Hot Sox on Amazon right here!

Here's a find I found from a seller on Etsy!  There are quite a few paint palette hair accessories from sellers on Etsy.  Click here to view a search of different types you may like!

Here's a list of different sellers on Etsy who make and sell paint palette earrings! This particular pair is currently sold by AzureAllure.

I started this collection back in 2010 from a seller at the Artisan Gallery at the annual NAEA conventions.  This collection was made by Jeanne Elmer and you can find her charms sold on Etsy here!  I do know that if you're going to the NAEA convention in NOLA this March, keep your eye open for the seller!

I plan on buying this next for my collection!  Nerd Alert Creation's Fine Art Print Scarf!  Click here for the link to see their scarf and store details!

 So remember the time I said I don't have time to make stuff?  This cape was made before I had my baby, so I actually had a moment to sew.  What art teacher wouldn't want their own superhero cape!  It's hanging in my classroom right now!

And lastly, I decided to add a permanent accessory to my collection, my paint palette tattoo.  I'm sure many of us have something permanent we love!

My students totally inspire me to continue to find new art-inspired pieces for my wardrobe.  So thank you to my fellow art teachers for your inspiration and enthusiasm.  It's good to see that others are as obsessed with collecting art-inspired fashion like I am.

And Cassie, you deserve a standing ovation!  You inspire art teachers around the country to show their true colors in fashion form!  Thank you!!!!

Where do you find your art teacher wardrobe?


  1. Those are all great! Thanks for the links. I'll definitely be checking them out. How is that dress from Modcloth? Is it comfortable? I love your tattoo also.

  2. The dress fit perfectly when I first bought it, but I've lost some weight since then. It's not loose at the top, so I just wear the sweater over it.

  3. Casual outfits are my favourite. Love the Nike sneakers, I have a pair myself and can never wear them enough!

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