Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Follow the 2015 NAEA NOLA Convention from Home

The NAEA 2015 convention will be taking place this year in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 26-28. Alas, this is my second year in a row missing the national convention due to finances.  I, like many of you, will be continuing our daily routines while thousands of lucky art educators attend this amazing convention.  Did you know that Tim Gunn will be there?  Yeah…jealous!!!

Even though we're stuck at home, there are still many ways to keep up with the national convention.  Thanks to the awesome superpowers of social media, live streaming, and online resources, we can keep up with our professional development the best way we can!  These links are not to make us jealous, but to offer any resource we could use for our own professional growth.

#1 Twitter

If you follow #NAEA15 on twitter, you can see all the posts from the many art teachers attending the conference.  They will be adding photos, details, and online links to help followers catch a glimpse of what will be happening during the convention and what they have learned from their experiences.  There will even be a "Tweet-Up," where you can see the fellow tweeters in this year's shirt design of a fleur de lis as a paint palette.  Here's one of the awesome shirt designs:

The #artsed #PLN always create the most amazing Lego displays to hype everyone up for the conference!  Here's this year's display created by member Stacy Lord!

#2 Watch for Articles from the Art of Education

The Art of Ed will be in New Orleans!  They will be posting articles with the sights and sounds throughout the convention on their site.  Please visit The Art of Education to view their updates!

#3 Download the NAEA New Orleans 2015 App for Your Phone

So you can't go to the convention, but did you know that many presenters will have their resources and handouts uploaded in the app?  Just go ahead and download it from your app store or google play to view what resources are available!

#4 Instagram

Like Twitter, there will be many instagram followers posting their pictures of the convention.  Just use the #NAEAELEM if you are part of the elementary division to follow many photos that will be taken!

#5 Follow the #NAEA15 Tagboard

NAEA's tagboard is the quickest way to gather all the #NAEA15 tags from different sites.  Just go to to view all the posts and follow what's happening!

If you're staying home this year and you know other ways to stay involved from the comforts of your computer, let me know how you plan on following the convention!  Next year's convention will be in my home city of Chicago, so there's no way I'm missing that one!

To my #artsed friends, have fun in New Orleans!

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