Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Workshop Series: Watercolor Owls

The next workshop was titled "Watercolor Owls."  We invited students ages 6-9 to attend this one day,  workshop to create their own patterned owl design.  To kick it up, students created their owls in 3-D!  The above image was the example I had made for my students to use as a reference when creating their own owl project.

-11" x 14" watercolor paper
-13" x 16" illustration board for frame
-Crayola watercolors
-Water cups
-Hot Glue Gun

The students will create their own owl design (using black and white owl designs as references).  Through drawing the owls, students will practice their symmetry and patterns.  Their owls will also be placed in a background environment using a 3-dimensional method.

For this 2 hour class, we began by looking at different owl designs and having students practice drawing the design they liked the best.  All I did was Google "black and white owl clipart" in images and there's a ton of ideas to choose from!  Once students had their idea drawn out, the took one sheet of watercolor paper and began drawing the branch and owl design.  Once the owl was drawn out, they were encouraged to enhance the owl with patterns.  Some students preferred to keep their owls realistic,  so they focused on a feather pattern.  On a second sheet of watercolor paper, students were asked to draw a sun or moon, with any additional details for their background.  Once completed, they traced both papers with black marker.  This took about 30-40 minutes to complete.

Next, students began using the watercolor paint.  In tracing the owls with marker, students had fewer issues with paint colors blending together.  Students were given 60-70 minutes to paint both the owl paper and background.

Once students completed painting, the were asked to cut out their owl and branch.  For the final touch, I hot glued styrofoam to the back of the owls.  Before I attached the owls to the background, I hot glued the background paper to the illustration board first, then applied the owl on top.  The finished products were amazing and students loved their works of art!!!

Here are some of the finished examples created today!

These classes are taking place at Pastiche Studio in Mokena, Illinois.  To view details about the studio, classes available, and paint parties, please visit their site!

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