Thursday, February 23, 2017

Using Technology in Art on Digital Learning Day #DLDay

On February 23rd, our school took part in Digital Learning Day #DLDay.  Digital learning is any instructional practice that uses technology to strengthen  students' learning experiences.  This can include laptops, tablets, digital cameras, digital projectors, websites, and more.

Here's a video that explains a bit about Digital Learning Day.

This year, I was excited to get my hands on chrome books within the art room!  With the chrome books, students were able to enter their own artist statements, use Google classroom, and visit the many art website I saved on my Symbaloo.

I would like to share a few technology items we used within my art room for #DLDay!

With my kindergarten students starting their Henri Rousseau-inspired jungle pictures, we had fun creating masks on the Curious Corner website.  Students chose different animal parts to build their own mask design!

1st grade students also took part in designing their own masks as their extra activity when they finished their contour pictures.

In my 4th grade class, students were creating portraits using the Queekypaint app.  It's a very simple version of a "photoshop" program that helps students create a drawing using digital tools.  I felt it was an important site to assist them in understanding how to create drawings digitally instead of with a pencil. 

Our school has been wish Artsonia for over three years and this is the first year our students are entering their statements into their portfolios with the use of the chrome books.  I've written how Artsonia has made a huge difference with my art classes as a teacher as well as a parent in the past, and I highly encourage all schools with an art program to have a gallery of their own.

Since the beginning of the school year, the chrome books have been used with grades 4-6, but starting on #DLDay, 3rd graders can now visit their online Artsonia portfolios!

Do you have a ton of Powerpoints created over time for multiple projects and unit lessons?  You can easily transfer them over to Google slides in your Google drive, which has made life 100% easier for traveling art teachers.  Never again do you need to worry about leaving your thumb drive at one school as you travel to another.  

In my 6th grade class, I was able to share my slideshow of the history of Stained Glass for their tissue paper stained glass project.  The slideshow is refined over time, and students engage is active discussions about what they learned over time.

And we have finishers for the project already!

How did you participate in Digital Learning Day?

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