Friday, August 3, 2012

SImple Art Room Fixer-Uppers Part 2

Funny story...

I went to install my cabinets, and found that two sets were mismatched.  I guess I should have labelled them right when I took them down to bring home!  Lesson learned, I brought the two doors home and repainted them.

As I was installing the cabinet doors and setting up the classroom, I was looking at another set of doors that were driving me nuts.  So, I brought the next set home and before midnight I had Klimt's "Tree of Life" painted!

Here are the finished, installed doors in the room!

Set #1: Piet Mondrian!

Set #2: Henri Matisse

Set #3: Keith Haring

Set #4: Vincent Van Gogh

Set #5: Gustav Klimt

Now that my home base school is set up, I can tackle my next classroom at my second school next week!  My next challenge:  Starting a classroom from scratch (I'm used to teaching from a cart at my second school!)

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