Sunday, February 24, 2013

You Can't Escape Those Angry Birds!

The "Angry Birds" are the latest craze!  And if you're following any art boards on Pinterest, you may have found tons of lessons using these adorably preturbed birds as the subject matter.

The birds are easy for teaching shape, color, and form.  My kindergarten students even draw the little piggies on my dry/erase boards!

I decided to give my 5th graders a fun little project using Crayola Model Magic.  I purchased the primary color class pack from one of the art catalogs (you can find it in Nasco, Triarco, and Dick Blick).  The class pack had lasted me 2-5th grade classes with estimated 25 students per class.  The class pack comes in 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and white 1 oz. packages.  I also ordered a 4 oz. black separately to split in both classes for all those teeny eyes, eyebrows, and nostrils.  Not to mention...the black bird bomb!

Using my iPevo camera, I was able to show students how to mix the clay colors and how to create those little eyes and beaks of the birds.  The camera plugged into my laptop, which projected onto the screen for all the students to see.

I also printed out pictures of the birds to help students figure out what colors were needed for the different parts of the little sculptures.

Here's a few pictures I used from Google!

Since the Crayola Model Magic Classpacks are pricey, and my students shared a huge interest in the project, I had created a donors project called "Model Magic Monsters."  I wanted to use the materials for two grade levels: Miro Monsters with 3rd grade, and the 5th grade Angry Birds.  If you are interested in more about the project or would like to donate, please visit Model Magic Monsters.

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