Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interested in a Sister School Match Up?

I wanted to help spread the word about this amazing project our state association is doing with schools in need.  If you're from Illinois, please consider participating in the Sister School Match Up!  If you're from another state, check with your state art education association to see if there's a program set up to help schools in need, or even if you're a school in need!  

The Illinois Art Education Association would like to help connect Illinois art educators who have surplus or donated materials with art educators teaching in schools who have little or no materials or equipment necessary for a quality art education program. This will be a teacher to teacher partnership and you do not need to be an IAEA member to participate (so please spread the word).
If you are interested in forming a sister school art educator to art educator partnership please fill out the appropriate form:

Click here–>Donating School (Example donation: Gently used student art supplies collected at end of school year such as watercolors, pencils, crayons)
Click here–>School in Need (Your school art program has little or no budget for supplies or equipment and are willing to pick up supplies)
Please contact Theresa McGee for any questions:

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