Wednesday, October 2, 2013

4th Grade Line Drawings: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

In 1959, Friedensreich was a guest lecturer in Hamburg, Germany.  For his presentation, the artist drew what he thought was the world's longest line.  Using paint and markers, he started at the bottom of the wall, and continued the line around all four interior walls of the lecture room.  Friedensreich had the help of two assistants in completing the line around the lecture room with the guests observing.

The three continued the line overnight, using candles as light since the power was shut off.  The next day, the public caught wind of his work and went to see the line in progress.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is an Austrian artist who is known for his use of lines in his paintings, drawings, and prints.  The lines in his work display movement and unique personality.

I like to show Friedensreich's work when revisiting the element of line with my 4th grade students.  In his screen print, "Irinaland over the Balkans," I point out how lines were used to create the texture of the land and movement of the image.

And now onto the project!  It's a simple one requiring few materials and is easy to work with when pushing a cart or teaching from a an unconventional area (like the gym or library)

 Materials you will need:
-10.5" x 16" white paper
-12" x 18" colored paper (for frame)
-Markers (I use Crayola)

I start the project with identification of lines.  I show the students the different types of lines, as well as how the thickness of the lines can change the depth of a picture.  Here are a few handouts I use with the project (many were borrowed from Pinterest, so I claim no ownership over these printouts):

Have your students choose an image of their own to for their project.  Make sure the students draw their picture to fill the space!

 Final note:  Make sure students only use dots of glue when attaching the project to frame paper.  If students use too much glue, all that hard work will bleed through the paper.

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