Saturday, October 26, 2013

Traveling/Art Cart Teachers: November Stepping Stones

Back in April, I posted a list of 10 Things a Traveling Art Teacher Will Always Do.  The article is now available in this month's Arts & Activities Magazine!

Art teachers face challenges daily in their situation, whether they're in a classroom, pushing a cart, teaching in a temporary space, or traveling from school to school.  I do happen to hear from many art-on-a-cart teachers and travelers that they have common challenges, and being a traveler myself, I knew how they felt.

Here's my simple top ten list, but if you want to read the full version, please take a look in the Arts & Activities Stepping Stones article for November.

1. A traveling art teacher will never get all the names of students correct

2. A traveling art teacher always forgets something when driving, walking, or flying from one school to the next

3. A traveling art cart teacher will always leave a little something behind it your room.  

4. A traveling art teacher may not be able to attend an extra event.   

5. A traveling art teacher will most likely miss the memo.  

6. A traveling art teacher will always make room for storage

7. A traveling art teacher might turn down your extra crayons.  

8. A traveling art teacher will tell you no.  

9. A traveling art teacher will always drop something outside of their car or down the hallway. 

10.  A traveling art teacher will be jumping for joy at the end of the school year when all they have to do is push the cart back into the storage closet and lock the door!

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