Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DeBuffet Sculptures with 6th Grade

Jean DeBuffet (1905-1985) was a French paintor and sculptor known for his childish style of artistry known as "Art Brut" (pronounced br-oot).  Art Brut is a style which shows frustratng energy in it's execution, and DeBuffet defined that in his form and materials.
For my project, I wanted to incorporate found object materials, and yes...I did create this project on a cart going from room to room.

-Wire Hangers
-Pantyhose Socks (I found these at Walgreens for .99 a pair, which is the cheapest I've found them)
-Styrofoam Blocks
-Tempura Paint
-Water and Water Bowls
Gather all the materials for the project!  Have students collect wire hangers, parents even donate the styrofoam, but I purchased all the pantyhose socks.
Day 1 is for the PowerPoint, construction and gesso.  I shared images of DeBuffet's work, and explained how the students are to create their own sculptures using the provided materials.  The styrofoam block is to be the base, the wire hangers can be formed any way they wish, and the pantyhose placed over the entire sculpture (starting from the top and ending under the base).  There will be leftver of the pantyhose socks at the bottom, so trim off the leftovers.  Also make sure the students write their names on the bottom of the base, either with black marker or on a piece of tape!  Once covered, have students paint gesso over the entire sculpture, leaving the bottom unpainted.  Make sure you have newspaper for this step because it will get messy, especially if you're working on the students' desks.
Day 2 is for first step of painting.  If students do not finish their gesso step, they need to complete the step and let it dry before proceeding to the colored paint.  I instructed students to paint black lines around the sculpture to create sections for paint schemes and patterns. 
Day 3 was for the addition of colored paint to the sculptures, creating patterns, color fills, and completion of project.
For storage containers (to store projects during the week), I use large flat plastic bins and store projects up high in the classroom.  This project can be done on a cart if you communicate with the homeroom teacher and custodian for storage!


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