Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Combining Elements of Art With Core Subjects: January's Stepping Stones

For January's Stepping Stones, I focused on how to combine elements of art with the core subjects.  In January 2014, I was given a great opportunity to present to my district how the arts infuse core subjects within our own curriculum.  I took the opportunity to also share how core subjects and classroom teachers in our district can combine the art standards within their own lessons.

To view my complete article, please visit January's Stepping Stones column.

How Teachers Can Connect Arts Into Their Lessons 

1. Dance and theater are artistic ways to combine the arts and physical education.  With an emphasis on “body movement,” students exercise imagination and creative skills. (Emphasis on Dance and Physical Education Standards)

2. Have students draw what they hear while listening to music.  This encourages students to visualize sounds and practice their craftsmanship! (Combined with Music Core Arts Standards)

3. Create projects they could interact with!  Instruments, Rube Goldberg projects, etc… (Next Generation Science Standards)

4. Instead of writing out our answers in graphic organizers, why not draw what we are saying? (ELA Common Core Standards)

5. Writing can be more than just sentences!  Instead of coloring pictures, fill the images in with words! (ELA Common Core Standards)

6. Create a visual demonstration of the math problem. (Math Common Core Standards)

7. Use grids to encourage measurements and proportions. (Math Common Core Standards)

8. Are your students presenting?  Have the students be the presentation. (Drama Core Arts Standards)

9.When teaching history (or any subject), pick an artist that reflects the time or theme. (ELA Common Core)

10. Encourage creative practice through technology. (Technology Standards)

11. Have students practice their compositions through photography. (Visual Arts and Media Arts Core Arts Standards)

12. Encourage visual literacy! (ELA Common Core)

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