Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Charity In Progress: Butterflies for Children's Memorial Hospital

This year, my co-worker and I joined our forces of After School Art Classes to help create over 200 butterflies for Children's Memorial Hospital.  The butterflies will be made for a service to be held in the Spring.

The service is a time for families and staff to come together to honor and celebrate the lives of children they have cared for and who have died.  The butterflies have become a special tradition at the service where families are able to pick out a butterfly that uniquely "speaks" to them.  Butterflies are commonly used as a symbol in a child' death, paralleling that even though it was for a brief moment, we feel blessed to have known them.

When I shared this project with my students, the permission slips came in quick and the class maxed out.  Students even wanted to make butterflies on their own to give to the hospital, which was a wonderful thought.  I was touched that the students cared so much!

So far, we whipped out the 200 butterflies, which are now waiting to be put in the kiln for firing.  Stay tuned for the finished project in February!

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