Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Inspired Creations!

The funny part about this year is that my hallways and public displays are loaded with snowy winter pictures...but we haven't had any snow yet!

I wanted to share some of my winter inspired lessons that I have used over the years!  They are more based around the younger grades, K-3, since 4-6 have continual projects based around artists, cultures, and history.

Kindergarten: Snowflakes Near and Far
My kinder students begin learning perspective in my class and I sneak it into as many projects as I can!  In this assemblage project, I have students create a large snowflake (described as a snowflake that landed on your eyelash).  I use pre-cut strips of white paper, and explain to make the plus sign and the x into a snowflake.  Students use smaller strips to complete the edges of the snowflake to give it a more detailed design.  Once finished with the large snowflake, students draw the smaller snowflakes around the rest of their paper (I describe it as falling snow).  This helps with their drawing skills as well!

Kindergarten: Snowmen
Yup...their first snowman project in art!  I created a template for students to cut out 3 circles and the snow.  With trying to do this project over the years, I found it easier to have a pre-drawn template for the students to cut.  After students glue down their circles and snow, I show then how to cut a hat shape with just a 3" x 3" black square.  The scarf was also a pre-cut piece of red.  Students then drew the snow in the background, as well as the snowman's arms, face, and buttons.

1st Grade: Snowy Days
I shared this project in a previous post, but it's always a fun one!

2nd Grade: Perspective Snowmen
I found so many snowmen ideas on Pinterest, I just decided to include them all into one project.  I began by showing student a scene from the movie "The Snowman" where the boy and snowman were flying through the air.  I wanted students to see what the ground was like from another perspective.  Here's the exact video I used:

After watching the video, I gave the students four different options of creating their snowmen: side view, bird's eye view, ant view, and the snowman looking up.  Before the students started their assemblage of colored paper, I had them drawing snow and wind to decorate their pictures. 

3rd Grade: Winter Trees
My co-worker creates this project and I always think it's gorgeous.  She has her students create a tree with black crayons, along with a background.  Students have their choices on adding a stream, extra tree, or colorful wind.  Next, she uses white paint to create the snow in the picture, on the tree and on the ground.

If you would like to view more winter-themed lesson ideas, please visit my Pinterest board called Seasonal: Winter Project Ideas for Art.  Enjoy!


  1. Love, love, love the snowman from the top down view. I will have to try that with my students.

  2. There were so many snowman ideas on Pinterest, I couldn't choose just one!