Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mona Lisa Parodies with 6th Grade

This is a project I like to do at the end of the year with my 6th grade students.  In the end, the major materials are packed away, paint is tricky, and students are squirl-y.  What better way to end the year than with a humorous project?

I follow an art history curriculum with my 6th grade.  We start with Prehistoric art, then end with the Renaissance.  For the Renaissance unit, I focus on Leonardo DaVinci and his famous painting, the Mona Lisa.  After spending so much time on Pinterest, I found a vast number of Mona Lisa parodies, which inspired me to change my project this year into the parody project.  In the past, it was "The Mona Lisa I Know," which didn't excite the students as much.

The materials for this project are easy.  White paper, pencils, colored pencils/crayons/markers to color, black markers to trace.  In our schools, we have laptop carts for rooms to check out, so I reserved time in advance for my classes with the homeroom teacher.

After showing a Powerpoint about the Mona Lisa and parodies (I attached a few images I used in the Powerpoint), I explained to the students to find an image of a character, cartoon, or person they wanted to use for their parody.  I explained the biggest objective was that the image used had to be drawn into the pose of the Mona Lisa.  The drawing then had to be colored and include a background.

The fact that the students had a chance to 1. use a laptop and 2. choose their on image was the popular part of the project.  I do have a line of students that attempt to line up in front of me and ask me to draw the image for them, but I purposely put a slide in the Powerpoint that stated how the drawing what the major part of the grade and that I do not expect an exact replica of their chosen image.

After the students finished their projects, I loved so many of them that I couldn't help taking pictures of everything.  Here are a few finished examples that crack me up!

Grumpy Cat

V for Vendetta


Finn from Adventure Time!

Psy...Gangnam Style

Taylor Lautner as Jacob from Twilight

Daffy Duck

Homer Simpson

One of the millions of Pokemon characters

Judge Judy (this one makes me laugh!!!)

Angry Birds...I mean pigs

Mona Spongebob

Patrick Starfish

Boo Boo

Minnie Lisa

I didn't catch the name of this rapper, but my student decided not to print an image and drew this from memory.


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