Monday, June 10, 2013

Superheroes to the Rescue! Perspective with 4th Grade

After attending a few conferences on Social Justice in the art room, I was inspired to attempt a new way of introducing 1 point perspective to my 4th grade students.  In the past, the students drew railroads and streets, which were easy, but the students were bored easily.

When I saw how students could add a little element of themselves into their own work (more than just creating a road into any landscape they chose), I was intrigued.  Students respond more to their art when adding in elements about themselves: things they like to do, places they wish to visit, or making themselves into something more than what they think they superheroes!

The materials I used (which was perfect during the end of school year pack up):

-white paper
-black markers for tracing
-scraps of white paper for the superheroes
-3-DO's (little pop up stickers found in Nasco)

When I introduced the project, I did not show the final product.  I was too worried about students drawing bodies over the buildings first, so I took a step at a time.  As their were finishing their previous project, I gave them a scrap of white paper and drew an example on the board of what a superhero should look like.  So, instead of giving them free time after completing a project, I had them start their superheroes right away.

Day 1
On the first full day of the project, I went over the 1 point perspective.  A dot in the middle of the paper, and 6 square: 2 squares placed above and below the dot, and one square in each corner of the paper.  Students who wished to add more squares were encouraged once they understood what they were doing.

Next, I demonstrated to the students how to make each square reach the point in the middle.  I did not show the horizon line since this image was to be a bird's eye view:

After explaining how each square was a rooftop and the lines drawn to the vanishing point were the sides of the building, I let the students go to town on windows and rooftop designs.

Day 2
At this point, I felt that the students were taking off on their own once they figured out the perspective.  The only element I demonstrated was the street going across town.  I also explained on this day that the superhero drawings created previously were to be placed above the finished cities, as if they were protectors of their own city, like Superman!

Day 3-4
Students completed their drawings by coloring with colored pencils, tracing with black markers, coloring their superheroes, cutting them out, and placing on top of their cities with the 3-DO's.  Pop up superheroes!

Here are some finished projects!

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